Our current projects are:

FONDECYT Postdoctoral Project Nº 3190461:

Functional analysis of a rotamase gene involved in wheat thermotolerance processes in grains

FONDECYT Regular Project Nº 1190812:

Analysis of the sulfate response during wheat development to find new pathways of improvement of grain yield and quality

FONDECYT Postdoctoral Project N° 3180269

The main goal of this project is the molecular and functional analysis of the MYB75 transcription factor in the context of sulfur deficiency and identify genes that are regulated by this transcription factor using Arabidopsis thaliana as a plant model.

Networking Project: RINAP REDI170024

The main goal of this network project is to strengthen the interaction and collaboration between chilean and spanish research groups around the regulation of sulfate assimilation in plants, in order to identify new strategies that allow us to improve the sulfur metabolism of plants.

iBio: Millennium Institute for Integrative Biology ( )

The long-term goal of the Millennium Institute for Integrative Biology (iBio) is to understand how environmental perturbations control plant and fungal properties as individuals, and also as interacting entities. These studies consider the effect of genetic variability, abiotic perturbations (nitrogen, light, temperature), biological interactions (beneficial or detrimental) and the molecular mechanisms that govern time-dependent genetic programs, such as circadian and developmental processes.